Keeping Your Vehicle Safe during Chilly Months: Winter Insurance Tips for Your Car

In winter, it’s essential to stay vigilant and protect your vehicles. Wet, snowy, and windy weather can increase the chances of road accidents and breakdowns, making it vital to have adequate insurance cover. In this post, we’ll explore winter insurance tips to help you safeguard your car and prepare for unexpected events.

Maintain Your Car

Regular maintenance of your vehicle is imperative, especially during the winter months. Dark and icy roads and freezing temperatures can take a considerable toll on your car. Ensure your vehicle is serviced before the winter season begins to detect and fix any possible issues. 

Some key things to check with your vehicle to avoid breakdowns or accidents:-

  • Check your car’s oil level and make sure the oil complies with the car user manual.
  • Ensure your tyre tread is legal to help prevent skidding (minimum depth in the UK is 1.6mm, but aim for a minimum of 3mm), and ensure you have a spare tyre in good condition.
  • Keep your windscreen wash and anti-freeze topped up, and also buy some de-icer for the cold winter mornings. 
  • Check your windscreen – It can be tempting on a cold, icy morning to jump in the car and start driving, but this can result in a fine and points on your licence, so make sure it is clear before setting off on your journey.

Pack a Safety Kit

Driving may become challenging during harsh winter weather, and you may encounter long, unexpected delays on your journey. Always keep a safety kit in your vehicle and consider the following items so you don’t get caught: blankets, flashlights, jump leads, shovels, additional warm clothing, a portable phone charger, a warning triangle, and a high-vis jacket in case of a breakdown on the road.

Be Cautious while Driving

When driving in winter conditions, always take your time and reduce your driving speed. Stopping distances can increase to 10 times on icy roads due to a potential lack of grip. Beware of black ice and look for any signs of upcoming storm warnings. It’s also essential to be mindful of the drivers around you, as they may experience difficulties. Exercise extra caution around sharp turns or hills, and be prepared for your car to slip a little. If the weather is too extreme and the trip is not essential, stay home and wait for conditions to improve – is it worth the risk?

Comprehensive Cover

Accidents can occur anytime during winter, with other drivers experiencing difficulties on wet and slippery roads. Therefore, a comprehensive motor is essential to provide cover such as repair and replacement of your vehicle if damaged accidentally, even if not your fault, and protects you against falling objects while driving.

Final thoughts

Winter driving can be a difficult challenge for car drivers, but with the proper preparation, you can navigate through the season safely. By following these tips, you’ll keep yourself and your car protected and have peace of mind during the colder months. So, make a checklist and get and keep your vehicle winter-ready.

At Riskworks, we specialise in motor insurance for all types of vehicles, so if you are unsure or want a quick review of your cover this winter, we would be more than happy to discuss it with you.

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