Keep Your Precious Bottles Protected with Riskworks

As someone who enjoys a glass of wine, you probably understand the value of investing in fine wine. Not only is wine a delicious way to enjoy a special occasion, but it can also be a valuable asset. However, protecting your favourite vintage wines can be tricky.

Here are some tips to help you keep your prized bottles in tip-top shape.

The value of vintage wines is on the rise, so it’s essential to protect your investment.

For wine collectors and enthusiasts, maintaining a valuable collection can be daunting. Vintage wines are becoming increasingly sought after, with values rising dramatically. To protect against unforeseen circumstances such as fire or theft, purchasing cover that allows you to protect your current and future investments is critical. Having cover in place for your precious wine collection provides peace of mind for potential losses. 

No matter the size of your wine collection, it is essential to understand how to properly store and protect it to preserve its flavour and monetary value. Having adequate insurance cover can save your favourite vintage against unforeseen risks such as extreme temperatures or pests that can quickly ruin your collection.

Keeping your collection properly stored

Storing your wine correctly can be the difference between a collection worth something and one that isn’t. While a cellar or specialised wine fridge is usually ideal, ensuring it’s in a cool and dark place with good air circulation is crucial no matter where you store it. Other than temperature and humidity, cork failure or label damage can happen; these potential risks can all be assessed and covered with a specialist insurance policy.

Investing in a secure and monitored storage solution enhances the wines’ longevity and helps satisfy insurance requirements, making it easier to obtain comprehensive cover.

Get your wine insured in case of damage or theft

Wines are valuable commodities in terms of their market worth and the sentimental attachment many people have to them. Wines often increase in value over time and serve as long-term investments that deserve to be protected. Wine insurance covers accidental damages or theft, offering peace of mind to enjoy your collection without worrying about its security.

Appraisal and Documentation

To ensure accurate cover, wine collectors must maintain meticulous records and documentation of their collection and understand the potential value of replacement. This includes keeping detailed records of each bottle, including its provenance, purchase price, current market value, and any appraisals or certifications. By providing this information to your broker, collectors can help establish the actual value of their wine collection and ensure that it is adequately protected under their policy.

Review your insurance needs and any existing cover for your collection.

Many traditional home insurance policies will provide general contents cover of items in your property; however, reviewing and understanding what cover is in place for higher-value items such as wine collections is essential.   A more specialist home insurance policy will realise the potential risks and values associated with wine collections and provide additional cover. It is necessary to keep track of your collection with the appropriate documentation to ensure the valuation of your collection is aligned with the cover being provided; if not, you could be underinsured.

Final thoughts

Have you ever considered the importance of covering your wine under your home insurance policy? It’s not just about protecting your valuable bottles from theft or damage – it can also help you maintain the value of your investment over time.  

At Riskworks, we have extensive experience providing specialist cover for all higher-value items in your property, including wine collections. We would be happy to discuss and assess your current policy and review your needs to ensure your collection is adequately covered for now and in the future.

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Enjoy your wine responsibly, and remember to share it with friends!