Unlike a number of high street named insurers offering premium level products which seem to tick only a few of the boxes required in this specialist area, Riskworks offers you a completely bespoke service both in terms of tailored cover and fair and sensitively handled claims. We don’t have a ‘computer says no approach’ nor do we direct clients to a call centre. Our service is far from off the shelf and a one box fits all.

We deliver personally tailored insurance and risk management solutions that are specifically designed around you. We have strong relationships and work closely with carefully selected specialist insurers that have the flexibility to adapt to even the most complex of personal risk scenarios, giving you peace of mind that your assets and lifestyle are protected.

We believe you will benefit from our insurance expertise if you own any of the following:

High-value homes and contents
Fine Art, Antiques and Jewellery
Prestige and family fleet
Overseas and UK holiday homes
Yachts and power boats
Estates and Farms

Our team of insurance experts will provide high quality advice to ensure the insurance solution is right for you.
We offer:

Confidential specialist advice and personal service.
Access to a wide range of specialist policies from leading insurers.
Flexible cover tailored to your particular needs.
Competitive premiums.

Through the Riskworks Private Client team you will have a dedicated account manager who will arrange and manage your insurance portfolio – from discussing your specific insurance needs to supporting you when you need to make a claim.

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High Value Home Insurance

Your home, its contents and your family deserve the very best protection available. We source insurance packages to offer comprehensive cover so you have the extra protection when and where you need it most.

Our portfolio packages provide protection for:

Contents – all risks world wide cover

Buildings – fully covered for accidental damge. GRC (Guaranteed Replacement Cover) subject to eligibilty

Fine Art, Antiques, Jewellery and watches – specialist cover

Security – advice and assistance, including identity fraud cover.

Family legal protection.

Annual worldwide travel.


Embarking on building work?

Renovations insurance provides cover for clients embarking on a building project, refurbishment or an extension to their property. Standard cover can sometimes be restrictive whilst building work takes place. A renovations insurance policy is designed to protect clients against the risk of loss or damage to their residential property whilst the work takes place.

Read more in our ‘Embarking on Building Work’ giving you the

essential information you need to know about JCT contracts and

indeed what happens should you not have one in place.

What are the benefits of renovations insurance?

A policy that accomodates the most commonly used forms of building contracts
Cover for complex projects requiring multiple sets of specialist contractors
Cover for works at unoccupied properties and where the client is tied into a joint names (JCT) contract
The ability to switch to a comprehensive high net worth insurance policy once the building work has finished.

It is imperative that your insurer knows about all the works being carried out, no matter how small, to make sure suitable renovation insurance is in place.

What information do insurers need to provide renovations insurance?

Timeframe of works

Insurers like to know when the renovations work will commence, when it will be completed and if you are personally carrying out the works or employing a builder.

Cost of the works

How much you are intending to spend including VAT, as this will represent the risk they will be undertaking

What is being changed

This needs to be specific, so if there are walls to be knocked down or if a kitchen or bathroom is being replaced. A schedule of works detailing all activities is crucial.

Who will the works be completed by

This is to provide the insurer an idea if this is a hobby or busiess and if the time frams are accuarate. It is essential the contractors have adequate insurance.


If you’re an architect working on a high value domestic renovation, you need the knowledge and skills to give your client the very best advice on a spectrum of issues.  By adding a little insurance know-how to your toolkit, you put yourself ahead of the competition and can speak with authority on a topic that’s both a grey area and an afterthought for many.

Fine Art & Jewellery

Whether you own modern or antique fine art and jewellery, Riskworks can arrange specialist insurance for individual items or a collection.

We appreciate the complexities associated with owning items of this nature and we source cover to provide complete protection:

Agreed values on specified items.

Cover against physical loss or damage worldwide,
including transit risks.

New acquisitions benefit from immediate cover, up to 25% of the total amount insured.

Loss in value of a listed item which is partly damaged after restoration.

Prestige & Family Fleet

Riskworks can provide a portfolio package to insure your family motor vehicles with a comprehensive level of cover and efficient claims handling. This gives protection and reassurance for drivers and their families, providing a level of cover that is simply not available from most motor insurers.

We aim to make life easier for you by providing cover for:

Vehicles of any value.
One or more vehicles.
Family fleets including private cars, motorcycles, light commercial vehicles, motor homes, horseboxes and specialist vehicles such as classic cars, vintage cars or kit cars.
One renewal date for all vehicles.

GAP Insurance

GAP insurance is designed to protect you against a financial shortfall in the event of a total loss of your vehicle due to fire, theft, accident or accidental damage and is designed to work alongside a comprehensive car insurance policy.

There are many different types of GAP insurance that help you get back what you paid for your car and those that help you pay off any outstanding loans on the vehicle:

Finance GAP insurance – helps you pay off any outstanding loans on your car if it’s written-off.

Return to invoice GAP insurance – tops up the claims payout from your car insurer to the amount you bought the vehicle for. This can also be combined with Finance GAP to also cover the cost of borrowing.

Return to value GAP insurance – pays the difference between your car insurance settlement and the value of the vehicle when it was first purchased.

Lease GAP insurance – if you leased your car rather than buying it outright, lease Gap insurance helps you pay the rest of your contract and any fees that may apply for cancelling your lending agreement early.

An example of how Finance GAP works: Motor Insurance settlement after write off is £6,000 and the early settlement figure from the Finance Company is £7,200. There is therefore a shortfall of £1,200. Finance GAP would pay £1,200.

UK & Overseas
Holiday Homes

Riskworks have experience in arranging cover for holiday homes both in the UK and abroad. We understand that you may not use your UK or Overseas holiday home very regularly. We know how important it is to make sure you have the correct insurance in place to give you peace of mind.

As holiday homes are often left empty for long periods, the risks are different compared to your regularly occupied home. For example:

delay in a fire not being detected until extensive damage
has been done
a greater chance of a burst pipe or a water leak
increased risk of burglary
We also work with you to help mitigate any chances of a claim occurring due to these factors.

Cover can be tailored for whether you and your family use your holiday home or whether you provide it as a holiday let.

We work with insurers who have specialist knowledge in Europe and further afield to provide comprehensive cover with policies written in English.

Boats & Yachts

Riskworks arrange boat insurance for a wide variety of craft, covering a range of risks. For example:

Prestige yachts with crew and motorboats

We can arrange for insurance that provides wide-ranging protection, ensuring peace of mind that you have the right cover in place whether you are on the water or whilst your boat is in mooring.

We provide insurance packages for wide cruising ranges whether in UK waters or worldwide navigational limits tailored to your specific cruising plans.

Estates and Farms

We appreciate that running a country estate or farm is a specialist business and you need a bespoke insurance package tailored to protect it against a variety of risks. We provide packages for country houses, estates and farms designed to look after both personal and business insurance.