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Working with the right insurers to provide our clients with the best policy wordings is our priority. We pride ourselves in managing the claim process to achieve the best outcome for our clients.

Following a trip to Milan, a client lost a diamond earring. She had no idea where or when she lost it. The earrings had been valued the previous year and a copy of the valuation had been supplied to the insurer, ensuring an agreed value of the earrings at the outset. Upon returning the remaining earring to the insurer, the full agreed value of the pair of earrings of £18,000 was paid with no excess payable. A standard insurer would have only paid the value of one of the earrings less an excess.

A leaking pipe in a marble bathroom at a clients London apartment caused extensive damage. The plumber had to remove most of the floor tiles to locate the leak, causing a number to be damaged in the process. The tiles purchased in Italy could not be matched, so the full bathroom was re-tiled at a cost of £25,000. A standard insurer would have only paid the costs to source the leak.

On their wedding anniversary, a client’s husband presented her with a beautiful diamond and sapphire ring. It was stolen some years later, and she was devastated – not only was the ring very valuable, it also had great sentimental meaning. So, instead of just giving her the money it was worth, the insurers sourced some equivalent gemstones from overseas and had another ring custom-made to match the original.

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