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High Value Home Insurance

Your home, its contents and your family deserve the very best protection available. We source insurance packages to offer comprehensive cover so you have the extra protection when and where you need it most.

Our portfolio packages provide protection for:

We can also arrange for bespoke cover for your UK or overseas holiday home. If you have more than one holiday home, we can combine your portfolio in one convenient policy with a single annual premium.

Renovations Insurance

Embarking on building work?

Renovations insurance provides cover for clients embarking on a building project, refurbishment or an extension to their property.  Standard cover can sometimes be restrictive whilst building work takes place. A renovations insurance policy is designed to protect clients against the risk of loss or damage to their residential property whilst the work takes place.

Read more in our 'Embarking on Building Work' downoad here, giving you the essential information you need to know about JCT contracts and indeed what happens should you not have one in place.

What are the benefits of renovations insurance?

It is imperative that your insurer knows about all the works being carried out, no matter how small, to make sure suitable renovation insurance is in place.

What information do insurers need to provide renovations insurance?

Timeframe of works

Insurers like to know when the renovations work will commence, when it will be completed and if you are personally carrying out the works or employing a builder.

Cost of the works

How much you are intending to spend including VAT, as this will represent the risk they will be undertaking

What is being changed

This needs to be specific, so if there are walls to be knocked down or if a kitchen or bathroom is being replaced.  A schedule of works detailing all activities is crucial.

Who will the works be completed by

This is to provide the insurer an idea if this is a hobby or busiess and if the time frams are accuarate.  It is essential the contractors have adequate insurance.

Architects - Insurance Tool Kit

If you're an architect working on a high value domestic renovation, you need the knowledge and skills to give your cliet the very best advice on a spectrum of issues.  By adding a little insurance know-how to your toolkit, you put yourself ahead of the competition and can speak with authority on a topic that's both a grey area and an afterthought for many.

Download our 'Know How - Keep ahead of your competition with our works insurance took kit' here.

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